HR and Mental health – Shaping a better tomorrow

The recent months have brought with them hardship, unease, and upheaval on an unprecedented scale. Yet, as the COVID-19 chaos continues to rage about us, there’s another silent pandemic that’s slowly seeping into our organizations.

Canada has a mental health crisis on our hands. The wellbeing of employees is now of paramount importance to HR leaders, as the true cost of the pandemic on psychological health is only just becoming apparent. As such, now is the time for organizations to step up and take charge.

With 20+ speakers, HRD’s Mental Health Summit is making its debut, connecting senior HR professionals from across the country, to be your resource on all things wellbeing – sharing industry insights, global resources, thought leadership, and strategic plans to help you better safeguard your people in 2021.


How to develop resilience and reliability across all levels of an organization

The positive actions and initiatives your organization can take to build a better tomorrow

Strategies and resources for normalizing and encouraging conversations about mental health

Ways to identify and mitigate legal risks when managing an employee with a mental illness

Tips for creating a healthy and supportive workplace for a hybrid and flexible workforce 

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