Dr. Raeleen Manjak

Director, Human Resources, City of Vernon

Dr. Manjak is the Director of Human Resources (HR) for the City of Vernon, is an award-winning Top 30 HR Professional in Canada and recipient of Professional Service Awards in both Innovation and Leadership. A lifelong learner, Raeleen continues to participate in building the next generation of leaders in strategic HR management as Faculty in multiple Schools of Business across Canada.

Raeleen has experience working with unionized and exempt environments including those with 600+ employees. She has over 29 years of administrative experience coupled with strong values of accountability, responsibility, and fairness.

Focusing on a people-centered philosophy, Raeleen facilitates workplace dynamics that foster dialogue and engagement. She exemplifies strong and consistent communication that encourages teamwork, development, and growth. An advocate for wellness and the ultimate state of wholeness, Raeleen develops opportunities in the learning and development realm that reflect this way of being. Her philosophy is “Together, we are better!”